Hairbond Mattifier Professional Hair Cement 50ml

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Hairbond Mattifier Professional Hair Cement comes in a handy limited edition 50ml Travel size. Ultra-strong hold and a classic matte finish combine to create premium hairstyles. Hairbond mattifier cement means your style keeps locked in all day long, whilst the advanced formula means it's still reworkable throughout the day. This product is ideal for spectacular and edgy hairstyles. This mattifier cement is one of our newest products and comes with a pleasant fruity Cherry scent.

Key ingredients:

  • Kaolin: a natural clay that absorbs excessive oils from your hair for a matte finish.
  • Beeswax: provides a flexible hold and some hydration.
  • Carnauba wax: gives a strong hold.

How to use Hairbond Mattifier Professional Hair Cement

  1. Rub product between the hands/palms
  2. Work through damp or dry hair
  3. Style and shape
  4. As the cement cools in the hair, it sets the style
  5. Product can be re-worked in the hair throughout the day

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