Launched in 2008 by brand expert Scott Michaels, Hairbond® is an authentic British hair brand that produces professional hair products. The brand products are all as a result of progression, innovation, and expression. What Hairbond® offers, no other hair brand can claim. It uses the best ingredients to formulate professional hair products that achieve creativity and style.
Hairbond is not just a hair brand, it’s the best hair products on the market.

Hairbond® has won many awards across the globe, and rightfully so. The Hairbond brand is distinctive and luxurious, trading all over the world as the number one men’s hair product. Hairbond’s mission is to bring together different world fashion into one world stage. Therefore, to get the right hair products to achieve your best results, buy Hairbond hair products.
At Hairbond we know choosing a hair product is not easy, but right hair advice and professional guidance below a you should now have all the information you need to make the best choice. Generally, there are three key things to consider when choosing a hair product:

Professional hair products that achieve creativity and style.

  • Hairbond® Hairstyle – the hair style you desire (or have) and your hair length will really help determine what type of product you are looking for based on the below characteristics of shine and hold.
  • Hairbond® Shine – Shine level tells you how much your hair will look shiny or glossy. On the other end, when we say matte, that means the product will absorb the light and therefore make your hair have zero shine.
  • Hairbond® Hold – tells you the holding strength of the product. Some products will provide a super strong hold so your hair won’t move at all, while others will provide a light hold for more flexibility.
Hairbond is the leading provider in professional hair products for beauty salons and barbershops.

The philosophy of Hairbond is as true today as the day it was founded.  The Hairbond® range has intended to deliver its promise of quality by maintaining the highest possible standards, using top of the range product formulations and ingredients to create an authentic British solution for the ultimate hair styling results.