Hairbond 6 Piece Comb Set

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A six piece set of individually unique combs packaged in a sleek branded box, designed to take your hairstyle to the next level.

Each comb has been specifically and expertly designed to work in conjunction with heat styling tools including hair straighteners, hair tongs and hairdryers, to create a natural wavy texture that will make your hair stand out from the crowd. They can also be used in both the pre-styling and post-styling stages of your hair routine, by using the wide-tooth comb to detangle and distribute product evenly through damp hair, or using the smaller comb to refine your style and add definition.

Key benefits

  • 6 Piece Comb Set
  • Compatible with heat styling tools
  • Can be used for both pre and post styling
  • Ideal for dry and damp hair
  • Great for detangling
  • Refines style and adds definition
  • Packaged in a sleek, branded box




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